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Details by Debbie is a baby and gift boutique catering to the children that are "overly loved" and the Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Godparents, parents, Aunts, Uncles, family, friends and business associates who need to make sure that they are only outfitted like royalty.

Debbie is the mother of two adorable children, Rochella, 16 and Uri, 12. They have always been dressed in the finest and softest clothing, and their rooms have always been decorated with the most unique accessories.

For a long time Debbie's mother-in-law was the shopper for the kids, and she dressed them like a prince and a princess. However, when the lovely boutique right near Bubby's (Grandma's) house closed, it was up to Debbie to shop for the kids, who were only used to pima cotton, Tasmanian wool, cashmere, hand knits, and other luxurious fibers.

Since Debbie has been a little girl she has had a soft spot for stuffed animals, especially teddy bears and ducks. Debbie grew up in a old fashioned home were each daughter was taught many different types of handwork, such as sewing, knitting, crochet, quickpoint, needlepoint, and crewel, among many others. Her mother, a seamstress, taught Debbie all the details of different fabrics, and the way they are developed into couture garments. Although Debbie worked as a Real Estate Manager for years, she always had a project at her side.

Details by Debbie is a culmination of years of handwork, mothering and shopping expertise which she now shares with you. Everything carried in this store has to past the "softness" test by either Rochella or Uri. Details by Debbie hopes to make your life easier by providing all of you baby needs in one stop. A special thank you to Pearl Benenfeld for setting the standard of how a grandmother should outfit her grandchildren.

The selection here is very unique, but at the same time very practical and enjoyable. Details by Debbie is located in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. Please call 917-603-5588 for an appointment to stop in and meet Debbie and the soft bears & ducks in person.